I have had many and varied hobbies and interests and now turn my attention to maintaining this blog, not only for my readers, but for myself as well.  I hope to learn from all of you and would appreciate your input and questions.  I intend to explore a variety of subjects and to offer links to further information.  I trust that you will bear with me as I explore and learn on this publishing adventure.

I feel well suited to the writing craft – even though I am a bit rusty.  I spent many years in various business enterprises and writing was always somehow a part of my given trade.  I have spent time in healthcare, insurance, secretarial, administrative, financial and creative endeavors.  I believe this leaves me well suited to expound on different subjects with,  at least,  some knowledge.  I know we all love to celebrate and enjoy the holidays that we so joyfully share with our family and friends.  Here, I would like to share stories, recipes, traditions, decorations, and celebrations from throughout the world.

Holidays were always held in high regard and I feel that all traditions no matter what the origin hold merit among us.  I hope that you will share my enthusiasm for what is offered here.  Suffice it to say, that I am only an average person taking a view on a very broad subject and can only take from my experiences as a middle aged, average American woman who has a rather liberal outlook on persons’ backgrounds and beliefs.  So, herein is contained a compendium of material for your enjoyment.

Please enjoy my blog and , I hope to hear your thoughts and comments.

Please feel free to leave your comment.

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